13 Side Hustle Ideas To Make Extra Money

Having a side hustle has evolved from being optional to being a necessity. Interestingly, probably 7 out of 10 people you know are doing something on the side to increase their income. Whether the goal is debt payment or to increase your savings and investment, a side hustle is the sure way to go. We all have certain financial milestones that may take us years to achieve if we depend only on one source of income. 

The great thing about side hustles is that there’s something for everyone regardless of your education, field of work or interests. All you need is a little motivation and determination. We have listed 13 side hustle ideas you can start with little or no financial commitment.

  • Participate in a referral program: Referral programs are a great way to earn extra income with little to no effort. A great example is the Crowdyvest referral program where you can earn up to N1000 from each referral.
  • Become A Personal Chef: So many people either don’t know how to cook or are too lazy or busy to do so. If you’re really good in the kitchen, this is a great opportunity to make extra money.
  • Drive For A Car Hailing Service: If you have a car, this a cool way to make some extra cash after work or during weekends. You could either drive the car yourself or get a driver with whom you have a profit-sharing agreement. 
  • Rent Out Your Spare Room On Airbnb: That extra room in your apartment or house can really come in handy when you need some extra cash. All you have to do is make it habitable and list it on Airbnb.
  • Create Youtube Tutorials: If you have a skill, you could be making a lot of money on youtube. All you need is a camera, ring light and a tripod stand. Alternatively, you could use a smartphone with a great camera.
  • Become A Tutor: There will always be kids who need some extra help in their school work. This is an opportunity for academically sound individuals to increase their income. Tutoring is one of the easiest ways to make money because all you need is the ability to transfer the knowledge you already have. 
  • Manage Social Media For Small Businesses: Many small business owners are too focused on the operation of their businesses and have little or no time to grow their customer base using social media. If you currently spend so much time on Social Media, you might as well make money while at it..
  • Become A Personal Trainer: Fitness is very important and sought after these days, however not many people have the self-motivation required to begin the journey. This is why being a fitness trainer has become very lucrative. You would actually be doing what you love while being paid for it.
  • Give Music Lessons: Some people have had the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument at some point in their lives. That skill could actually earn you some extra money if you start giving music lessons.
  • Freelance Writing: If you’re a good writer, you could do freelance writing for media companies in Nigeria and abroad.
  • Start A Blog: Asides from being a freelance writer, You could start your own blog. However, you’ll have to exercise some patience because it takes a while before you start seeing the dividends from blogging.
  • Graphics Designing: Social media has made the use of graphics very essential for brand representation. This is why graphic designers are highly sought after these days. Learn this skill and you would easily be earning good money on the side.
  • Modelling: If you find yourself constantly being complimented anytime you take a photo, then you should seriously consider modelling.

To sum up everything that has been stated so far, a side hustle can literally save your life. Asides from taking away some of the stress and anxiety that comes with paying debts, extra money just makes everything happen faster.

What are the other side hustles you think are very lucrative, please let us know in the comments.

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