5 Things to Include In Your New Year Resolutions for 2022

Making deliberate decisions to do better as a person can help you improve your new year and cause that change you’ve been wanting to see for so long.

Ending a year can bring on feelings of nostalgia for many people. It can make you start to reflect on your year, acknowledge your highs and lows and make plans to be better the next year. These plans are sometimes called resolutions, and when they are done in preparation for a new year, we call them new year resolutions.

The approach to the new year in Nigeria is quite fascinating. There’s a lot of partying and jubilating and it is beautiful to experience. However, amid all the celebrations, you should find some time to plan your 2022. Planning is very essential to success. Making deliberate decisions to do better can help improve your new year and cause that change you want to see.

If you’ve never thought it necessary to write down a to-do list, document your goals or resolutions, why not try it out this time and see how it goes? Writing down your plans and goals can help you get clarity on what you’d like to accomplish in 2022. It can also keep you motivated and help track your progress and the goals you have achieved so far.

A to-do list for a new year should accommodate your personal goals, but you should consider adding some fundamental activities that favour self-improvement. The best part is, these changes can  work wonders for almost anyone! Here are 5 things  that should absolutely make it into your To-do list for 2022:

1. Get Financially Smart: Moving up financially should be part of everyone’s goals. The difference between your financial reality and your financial goals might be some smart decisions you need to make, some financial  knowledge that you need to have or even better financial habits. It’s time to acquire that financial knowledge you need. Whether it is good saving habits or wise spending that you struggle with, it is time to adopt measures to plug the financial leaks in your life. Getting the crowdyvest app can help you with that.


2. Prioritize your health: To take on the new year and handle the challenges, you need to be physically and mentally fit. Don’t neglect your health in the name of chasing the bag. Getting regular checkups and cultivate habits that benefit your mental wellbeing should be a part of your new year resolutions. Indulge in your favourite hobbies and make time to see your friends and family. You can be healthy and be financially fit, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Balance is everything.


3. Ditch a bad habit you have: It’s time to examine your life and take note of what habits need to go. It could be procrastination, living beyond your means or always showing up late or even something seemingly small like nail-biting. No matter how big or small, any bad habit you lose should be counted as a win.


4. Declutter your wardrobe: If you’re guilty of hoarding things you don’t need, go through your belongings and see what needs to go. Living and working in a cluttered place can suppress your productivity and stress you out quickly. Decluttering can help you work better by lifting your mood and improving your creativity. It can even help you save money. When you realize how much stuff you own that you don’t need, you can prioritize when shopping and save money. Out with the old, and in with the new!

5. Plan your day: Organizing your day can help you get more done every day. You can get more out of your daily activities like sleeping, exercising, working and your other daily activities. Planning your day can come in extra handy if you have multiple commitments like working a 9-5 while running a business. It’s great for your mental and physical health because allocating time to activities can make your day less stressful. You’d also be at less risk of feeling overwhelmed by your life 


When making a to-do list, setting your other personal goals or writing out new year resolutions, it is very important to be realistic. The reason many people fail to achieve their goals is that they put a lot of pressure on themselves and forget their reality. 

When writing your goals down, it is possible to get very carried away and go overboard, but do not build your new year goals on “vibes”. Do not set unrealistic marks for yourself and hope that you will somehow achieve them by chance or by mistake. You can get lucky, but that’s not always how it works. 

Start planning, documenting and mapping out your path to success. We’re rooting for you!

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