7 Steps You Can Take To Change Your Money Mindset

I’m pretty sure that you must have heard the phrase “Mindset is Everything”. You probably have also heard Steve Maraboli’s famous quote which says “Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it”. There has to be some truth in that statement because the best-selling finance books of all time are based on mindset. In fact,  “Secrets of a millionaire mind” and “Think and grow rich” have been attributed to many financial success stories in the world. 

Your money mindset determines whether you’ll have “not enough”, “just enough” or “more than enough” in your finances and these are a few steps you can take to change it for the better.

  • Unlearn Some Negative Teachings: As children, our parents often told us that “money doesn’t grow on trees”. This was in a bid to prevent us from being wasteful however it ended up creating a scarcity mindset. Some parents went as far as saying that “Most rich people are into shady businesses” or “Rich people hardly make heaven”. These statements are not true and you need to unlearn those lessons because they will make you see wealth as something unachievable or undesirable.
  • Love Money: Another step to changing your money mindset is to dissociate your mind from any negative feelings about money. An example of such a feeling is “The love of money is the root of evil” or “Money cannot buy happiness”. Instead, think of money as a tool that is used to touch many lives positively, take Bill Gates for example. When you associate the love of money with positive things, you will be motivated to work hard to make more of it.
  • Speak Positively: If there is one thing that all religions agree on, it’s the power of the tongue. Positive words bring forth positive results, therefore, always speak positively about your finances, your business, or your career. The universe is always waiting to align forces according to the words you put out.
  • Have A Vision Board: A vision board is a pictorial or written representation of what you want your life to look like. Believe it or not, it truly works. Several people have achieved their dreams today simply because they wrote them down and looked at them every day. It’s inexplicable, but the universe just has a way of making everything around you help you achieve those dreams.
  • Forget About Negative Past Experiences: Life is filled with bad experiences but we shouldn’t let them shape our expectations for the future. For instance, failing in one business shouldn’t make you give up on your entrepreneurial dream. Similarly, losing your money in one investment shouldn’t stop you from investing money ever again. Instead, learn from the negative experiences and avoid such mistakes going forward.
  • Set Big Goals: As silly as this sounds, it truly works. When you set seemingly unachievable goals, it’ll be a driving force for you to keep putting in your best. The reason you haven’t achieved so much is simple, your goals are too small. Remember, always reach for the stars, if you fail, at least you’ll land on the clouds, and that is not a bad place to be.😉
  • Be Grateful: Gratitude has a way of attracting more of what you were grateful for, that’s just how the universe works. So instead of complaining about how little you have, be grateful that you have money, no matter how little it is, and you will attract more money.
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