August 2021: Investors’ Updates

Investors update for August

Hello Members,

Thank you for saving and investing with Crowdyvest. We appreciate your continued support.

Please find below investment updates from some of our investment partners for the month of August 2021.

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In the month of August, Plentywaka raised $1.2m in funding and also acquired Stabus, one of Ghana’s mobility startups.


• Successfully Launched the 1 kg bags in two variants (Oga Jollof  and Rice ‘n’ Stew) 

• Partnered with Sterling Bank on Buy Now Pay Later with  PayWithSpecta 

• Started selling on paywithspecta platform 

• Created a WhatsApp store to increase sales 

• Created RiceDirect with Sterling Bank to offer selected dealers  INTEREST FREE loans to buy and sell our products.


30 hectares of cassava have been planted. The planted hectares are maturing well and some portions are now about knee-length.

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