August 2020: Sponsors Update

Hello Sponsors,

Thank you for joining us to build a company that contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Please find below the table of contents so you can easily navigate to the sponsorship updates for the month of August that matters to you most

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  1. A Tale of Three Spices
  2. Farmcrowdy Foods
  3. Beef Processing
  4. Ginger Trading


  1. Ajah – CMS, CMS – VI


  1. Remodeling For Affordable Housing


  1. Smart Disinfection Gate


A Tale of Three Spices

Batch: 9th March


Ginger and turmeric rhizomes were sourced from reputable farmers. They were cleaned, dried and packaged before selling at the local markets.

The Onions, however, underwent both primary and secondary processing. After sourcing, the onions were thoroughly cleaned to remove debris after which they were sun dried. This led to the secondary processing which was size reduction. They dried onions were introduced into the milling machine and grounded into Powder.

Kindly see pictures below:

Farmcrowdy Foods

Batch: 27th March, 19th May and 27th May


We continued to connect farmers with end users, using our platform, Farmcrowdy Foods to aggregate farm produce that are usually procured by consumers.

Kindly see pictures

Beef Processing

Batch: 9th April and 22nd May

Processing of Offals

Offals are the extremities that were eviscerated from the bull’s stomach. They consist of the liver, kidney, lungs, intestines, heart, spleen and stomach. They were properly washed and packaged after weighing into 0.5Kg and 1Kg respectively.

Kindly see pictures

Ginger Trading

Batch: 29th July

Ginger rhizomes were sourced from trusted farmers.  These gingers have been cultivated under Good Agricultural Practices. After which they underwent some primary processing such as cleaning, splitting and drying before they are repackaged and sold to the local markets

Kindly see pictures


Ajah- CMS, CMS- VI

Batch:  01/09/2020

This update will highlight the following;

  • Plentywaka Metrics/ Traction.
  • Expansion To Abuja
  • Upgraded App Features
  • Pictures showing Plentywaka Activities
  • Riders Feedback

Plentywaka Metrics/ Traction

Our metrics after months of operations today report over 170,000+ ride bookings across 12 routes in Lagos, and Abuja Nigeria. 44,000+ riders have used the service with 42,300+ downloads on our mobile app. 

See graphic representation below:

These numbers and the impact we make in the lives of our riders daily has put us out in the face of the media. We were recently featured in CGTN Africa, Businessday, Techpoint, Disrupt Africa, and a lot more.


Plentywaka launched in Abuja on the 4th of August with 3 routes. This news was announced alongside the $300,000 pre-seed funding. Read more about it here.

See the complete list of its first routes in Abuja and Lagos;

  • Lugbe – Area 1
  • Area 1 – Lugbe
  • Berger – Nyanya
  • Nyanya – Berger
  • Lugbe – Wuse
  • Wuse – Lugbe
  • Lugbe – Secretariat
  • Secretariat – Lugbe
  • Area 1 – Kubwa
  • Kubwa – Area 1.


  • Obalende – Abraham Adesanya

We are also working on adding more routes within Lagos and Abuja with plans of expanding to other states within Nigeria.

Pictures Of Plentywaka in Abuja

First set of Pilots and Vehicle Assistants In Abuja
Some of the pilots and vehicle assistants set to move
Riders in one of the Plentywaka Buses in Lagos.
Branding of the Plentywaka Bus before Launch

Upgraded App Features

While bugs were fixed and previous features were upgraded for better user experience, the Scan and Ride feature was improved on so riders in Abuja can simply scan to ride and check out. Other features of the Plentywaka App V2.0.23, have been highlighted for you to read here and here.

Riders Feedback

Lawrence Ikenna described Plentywaka in Abuja as comfortable, neat, and cheap in this tweet here and Amarachi describes working with Plentywaka as amazing in this video.

Thank you for being an amazing sponsor. We are here because you took the bold step to sponsor.


Remodeling For Affordable Housing

Location: Buena Vista Estate

Remodeling of property to 5 units of 1 bedroom and studio apartments has begun.

See pictures below:


Smart Disinfection Gate

Installation of SDG Proof of Concept has been completed for Keystone Bank.

Please find pictures below:

An international shipping and transportation firm has also had its first SDG installed. Discussions are ongoing to confirm the number of required SDG before productions begins.

Images of the new SDG models have been released. Several organizations are interested in these new models. Discussions are ongoing and are positive.

Please find an image of the new model below:

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