Crowdyvest 2.0: Introducing Our Improved Website and Mobile App

Crowdyvest 2.0

At Crowdyvest, we are committed to making sure you get the best experience possible as you sponsor opportunities through us and that is why we are always making daily improvements in our operations.

That said, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Crowdyvest 2.0!

Crowdyvest 2.0 is an improved version of our web and mobile app; and we have also included some new features as well.

Crowdyvest 2.0

Here are the exciting new features you get to enjoy as a sponsor:

Improved Dashboard
We’ve made good use of your feedback to redesign the look and feel of the Crowdyvest platform, both on web and mobile. The new layout simplifies the sponsorship process more than ever while spotting an appealing look.

Crowdyvest Wallet
Never miss out on a sponsorship opportunity because of payment issues. With Crowdyvest Wallet, you can:
. Fund your wallet with your debit card
. Sponsor opportunities with the funds in your wallet
. Receive sponsorship payments in your wallet

Project Sponsorship (Upgrade)
We have revamped how sponsoring high-impact projects across different sectors work. Now you can sponsor choice projects with any amount starting from N20,000. This comes in place of the per unit pricing for sponsorships

Pooled Sponsorship
With pooled sponsorship, you no longer have to wait for us to launch projects on the Crowdyvest platform. Sponsor at any time with any amount from N20,000 within a time period of your choice (between 4 months to 12 months). The longer your sponsorship duration, the higher your returns.

Visit today to experience Crowdyvest 2.0

Crowdyvest – The Smarter Way to Get Your Money Working

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