Crowdyvest, Empowering Nigerians by Revamping the Public Transport System

In 2017, a study declared Lagos as the 3rd most stressful city in the worldbased on factors such as pollution levels, traffic problems, public transport, amongst others.

Lagos has a population of over 21 million people according to the Lagos State Government. About 12 million people use public transport on a daily basis and approximately 9.9 million of them use yellow commercial buses popularly known as ‘Danfos,’ an unregulated public transport system that has proven to be stressful, unreliable, uncomfortable, unhygienic, and sometimes even unsafe.

At Crowdyvest, our goal has always been to empower Nigerians by creating opportunities that everyone can participate in, and that will have a profound net-positive impact on the economy.

To further our impact, our new solution will be targeted at disrupting andmassively improving the transportation system and solving some of its age-old problems.

This innovative solution is a real time mini- bus booking request system where users can schedule their pickups from their desired bus stops and get real time information about their journey, thus offering commuters convenience, safety and comfort. It will feature some of the following:

  • Convenience: A mini-bus booking system where users can schedule their pickups from their desired bus stops and get real-time information about their journey.
  • Reduced Traffic: give commuters the option of leaving their cars at home and commute comfortably in luxurious buses. This will lead to fewer cars on the road and reduce traffic.
  • Improved Transportation: Creating an efficient and well-structured transport system by leveraging on technology to create an experience that is highly effective and efficient
  • Ease of Payment: A service which gives users the option of automated payment options as opposed to paying for their trip by cash could help in planning their trips in advance, not only on a daily basis but weekly & monthly.
  • Comfort: Provide better, efficient and comfortable vehicles suitable for the structural outlay of a megacity.
  • Safety: This cannot be overemphasized. Users can rest assured that the buses are driven by well-trained and experienced drivers, and are attended to by professional vehicle assistants.
  • Empower Nigerians: The service is going to be employing hundreds of drivers and vehicle assistants, all deployed across several routes in Lagos, and Nigeria by extension. This will serve to provide employment as it also solves transportation problems for many.

Sponsorship Opportunities in Transportation:

The units are currently open for sponsorship on Crowdyvest where you can start sponsoring at N60,000/unit with returns ranging from 20–22%. To sponsor, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Sign up for a free account (or sign in if you already have an account). If you’re signing up, you will receive a confirmation email. Click the link in the email to confirm your account.
  3. Visit the Sponsorshop and select the Transportation opportunity available for sponsorship depending on the payback plan you choose.
  4. Select as many units as you want to sponsor and checkout.

Returns on Sponsorship

This particular sponsorship cycle will last for 12 months. However, there are two payback plans available. You can either:

  1. Receive 10% returns after the first six months, and the remaining 10% returns + initial sponsorship after the next six months (which is the end of the project cycle)
  2. Receive your complete returns + your initial sponsorship at the end of the 12-month cycle.

However, please note that you cannot switch in between sponsorships (i.e if you select Payback plan A, you cannot switch to B in the middle of the Sponsorship cycle).

Keeping up with your Sponsorship

After checkout, you will receive an email which acknowledges receipt and details of the sponsorship.

During the sponsorship cycle, you will receive regular updates of all sponsorship activities through our ‘Sponsor Updates.’ The updates will be presented in written reports, pictures, and videos.

At the end of the cycle, (depending on the selected payback option), your returns will be paid into the account details provided by you on your profile. You can click on ‘edit profile’ on your dashboard to update your bank details and other information.

Your sponsorship will cover:

  1. Vehicle purchase
  2. Fueling for 12 months
  3. Drivers and Vehicle Assistant remuneration
  4. Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance
  5. Vehicle registration fees
  6. Vehicle maintenance costs

Why You Should Be A Sponsor

  1. Empower Others

Since launching in November 2016, Farmcrowdy has gone on to empower 25,000+ farmers and expanded to 14 states across the country. This is mostly due to funds from sponsors. Funds from sponsors facilitate food production, food security, as well as avail farmers with equipment and tools needed on the farm.

This new solution will create an impact in the transportation sector. It will create employment opportunities for bus drivers, vehicle assistants, engage vehicle maintenance personnel, and also create a better and safer transportation system for daily commuters in Lagos state.

2. Be Part of A New Revolution

You will be one of the first set of pioneers for this solution which will not only empower people but will contribute to the achievement of the SDG 9 — Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure. Our goal is to create a structured public transport system in the city of Lagos.

3. Grow Your Money

This sponsorship will create an avenue for you to grow your money to achieve your short term, medium-term, and long term goals. When your sponsorship is up, you can use your returns to sponsor new projects, which allows you to create wealth over time. This is a smart way to protect your future and cater to your financial needs or hit your financial goals.

Join the revolution. Visit Crowdyvest or download our app on Android or iOS to sponsor as many units as you want.

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