Crowdyvest Celebrates Plentywaka At One

Our impact partner, Plentywaka, is one and we are proud of how far they have come.

Launched in September 2019, Plentywaka has become a favoured choice for travelers with a strong focus on convenience, comfort, and safety. At its launch, Plentywaka had just 25 buses, 25 pilots, 50 vehicle assistants, and less than 10 staff. Since then, they have grown to have more than 53 vehicles, 53 pilots and over 55 vehicle assistants. 190,000+ rides have been completed by more than 40,000 riders

Plentywaka Founders

In February, we partnered with them to launch the Plentywaka Sponsorship Opportunity, aimed at providing reliable, efficient, and safe transportation for Nigerians.

In May, Plentywaka introduced Staff Bus Solutions, an exclusive service for corporate companies to minimize employees’ risk of exposure to Covid-19 post-lockdown. This was followed by the launch of Logistics By Plentywaka for its users in June, a business-to-consumer delivery service that provides its customers with same-day delivery service and aggregation of logistics vehicles for their partners.

In August, Plentywaka expanded to Abuja and raised $300,000 pre-seed funding led by EMFATO, Microtraction and Niche Capital to continue to transform the Nigerian transportation landscape and expand to many other states

So, it was a celebratory mood when staff, pilots and vehicle assistants gathered at the Plentywaka office to celebrate their first anniversary.

We look forward to more milestones in the future

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