Crowdyvest: Plentywaka Announces New Sponsorship Opportunities

Since we launched Plentywaka on 16th September, 2019 we have received a lot of positive feedback and gone through two rounds of updates on the Plentywaka mobile app to accommodate a number of features requested by our riders.

If you are not familiar, Plentywaka is a premium bus sharing service designed to allow users to schedule rides from their preferred pick-up locations to their desired destination.

We launched this service in order to disrupt and massively improve the transportation system in Nigeria, and solve some of its age-old problems.

If you missed the first batch of sponsorship for Plentywaka on the Crowdyvest platform, not to worry, we have just opened another batch of Plentywaka sponsorships for our passenger vehicles.

Plentywaka is the only bus-hailing platform that creates an opportunity for individuals to contribute to the growth and development of the transportation industry in Nigeria while impacting on the lives of everyday Nigerians and earning returns in the process.

Since we sold out our initial sponsorship in September, we have empowered 25 drivers and 50 vehicle assistants by providing them with a job, and we have managed to complete over 25,000 rides, moving riders safely and conveniently to and fro their destination.

Plentywaka is currently operating on these routes:

Ajah — CMS

CMS — Ajah

Ajah — Sangotedo

Ahmadu Bello Way — Ademola Adetokunbo

To further expand and launch new routes, we have opened up new units of sponsorship for Plentywaka on the Crowdyvest platform.

This sponsorship opportunity comes in two plans.

Sponsorship Plan A:

Number of units: 600

Price per unit: N60,000

Sponsorship duration: 12 months

Payback Structure: 17% Returns on Sponsorship + Initial sponsorship paid at the end of the 12 month tenure.

Sponsorship Plan B:

Number of units: 600

Price per unit: N60,000

Sponsorship duration: 24 months

Payback Structure: 36% Returns on Sponsorship (9% Returns on sponsorship paid every 6 months and initial sponsorship paid at the end of the 24 month tenure)

However, please note that you cannot switch in between sponsorships (i.e if you select Plan A, you cannot switch to Plan B in the middle of the Sponsorship cycle).

We will send you regular updates in the form of written reports, pictures, and videos during the sponsorship cycle.

Visit Crowdyvest or download our app on Android or iOS to sponsor as many units as you want.

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