Introducing Crowdyvest Savings

At Crowdyvest, our mission is to provide you an all-in-one platform for you to experience exponential growth in your finances, and that’s why we are excited to introduce to you Crowdyvest Savings

Crowdyvest Savings is live!

Crowdyvest Savings allows you to plan and achieve your financial goals while enjoying high interest rates. You can start saving and enjoying interest rates from 12.5% – 15% on your savings immediately.

Enjoy interest rates from 12.5% – 15%

Savings Plans Available on Crowdyvest

Crowdyvest Savings gives you flexible savings options so that you can reach your short-term and long-term goals faster, while enjoying impressive rates daily. There are currently two options available on Crowdyvest Savings:


The Flex Plan allows you to save and withdraw your funds anytime you want. Save daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly and watch your money grow.


The Vault is a fixed plan suitable for your long-term goals. Lock in a fixed amount monthly or annually and get your interest paid upfront.

How to Start Saving

  1. Visit Crowdyvest or download the updated Crowdyvest App
  2. Click on Savings and select your preferred Savings Plan
  3. Name the plan, input amount, pick a Start and End date
  4. Fund your account either from your Crowdyvest Wallet or using your Debit Card

Crowdyvest Savings gives you the opportunity to save and reach your short-term and long-term goals faster so whether you are saving for rent, vacation, business expansion, or a major purchase, Crowdyvest Savings is a great way to meet your financial goals.

Visit Crowdyvest or download the Crowdyvest App to start enjoying up to 15% interest per annum on your savings.

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