Crowdyvest Spots A New Look With The Launch of Crowdyvest v3.0

Are you ready for a surprise? 😃

We have launched Crowdyvest v3.0, our updated platform that comes with new and upgraded features. You can check out the new platform HERE

What are the new features?

Crowdyvest Yield
This is a catalog of alternative offers that include commodity-specific projects and discretionary plans available to members ranging from short to long-term tenors across a wide range of sectors.
Our first project, the Grand Bricks City Real Estate project, is now selling on our platform!
The Grand Bricks City is a real estate site and service project, a designated mixed-use city for residential and industrial occupants. The beautiful city will sit on over 70 hectares of land in the Lekki Free Trade Zone (LFTZ) area.

Participating in this project will give you an opportunity to earn 24% returns in 12 months.
N:B: This offer is open for just 14 days

Revamped Interface
Crowdyvest 3.0 comes with a modern design, easy navigation, and exciting new features to deliver a top-notch and seamless digital banking experience for you. 
Safety and Security
We have partnered with UBA Global Investor Services, a financial custodian and Parthian Securities Limited; an investment brokerage firm licensed by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to ensure proper fund utilization, transparency and compliance.

Click HERE to experience these amazing features!

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