Here’s How To Earn Money In Dollars While Living In Nigeria

In 2014, one dollar was equivalent to 165 Naira, therefore having 165,000 Naira, meant that you had 1000 Dollars. Sadly, as the years have gone by, the value of the naira has depreciated so much that presently in May 2021, $1 is equivalent to 485 Naira. This means that, if you saved 1000 dollars in 2014, the value is now 485,000 Naira (plus interest) but if you saved the equivalent in Naira, the value is now 340 Dollars, wow!  

This sad fact has made it very lucrative to earn money in dollars either as income or through savings and investments. In order to achieve this, many Nigerians are currently trying to relocate to the United States of America and Canada. However, most people do not realize that they can stay in Nigeria and still earn money in Dollars. Below are a few ways to achieve this.

  • Save and Earn in Dollars: Flex Dollar Savings plan on Crowdyvest helps you save and earn money in dollars. Your money is converted from Naira to dollars and you earn 6% interest per annum in dollars. How great is that?
  • Create a Youtube Channel: Another great way to earn money in dollars is by having a youtube channel. You get paid for having plenty of subscribers and views and you could also partner with Youtube and earn money from Ads. Selling products or working with brands as an Influencer are other ways to earn dollars on Youtube.
  • Become a Graphics Designer: As a Graphic designer in the world today, your skill is highly marketable globally. If you’re really skilled, you could work with international brands and earn money in Dollars. All you need to do is showcase your work on your social media platforms, you never know who might be watching.
  • Become an App Developer: Technology is the future and soon, everything will be done with a mobile application. The world has come to this realization and brands are migrating their processes to Mobile Apps. At the moment, App developers are probably the most sought-after people globally. You can comfortably live in Nigeria and pull in a lot of cash in dollars when you develop apps for global brands.
  • Freelance Writing: As a good writer, you could work with international media companies or platforms and earn money in Dollars. Make sure you seize every opportunity to flaunt your writing skills.
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