How To Share Money From Your Crowdyvest Wallet

crowdyvest wallet

From July 1st 2021, payouts from your plans will be made into your Crowdyvest Wallets, instead of your bank accounts. From your wallet, you can choose to transfer the money into your bank accounts or roll over and create new plans or top up your savings.

Benefits of Wallet Payouts:

Automatic and instant payments into your Wallet. You will also get an app notification once the payout is completed.

✨ Watch your money grow as you earn 3% interest p.a on the money in your Wallet balance

✨ Share moneys from your Wallet with other Crowdyvest community members, at no charge at all.

✨ Rollover made easy as you can create more plans and top up your savings.

How To Share Money From Your Wallet

1. Log in to your dashboard on the app or website


3. Click on WALLET SHARE, add the required details and transfer

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