How To Work 9-5 And Run Your Business Successfully

A lot of people believe that it is impossible to have a 9-5 and still run your business successfully at the same time. They are convinced that one of these ventures will suffer, (I’m sure that Christians will relate more since the Bible says that people cannot serve two masters 😄 ). In many cases, that is true, not because it isn’t possible, but because most people are not intentional enough to make it work.

Most businesses today started as a side hustle, in fact, many successful entrepreneurs will advise you to test the waters first before quitting your job. However, you’re expected to still give a 100% to your employer while doing so. Unfortunately, a lot of people haven’t been successful and had to either give up on their dream to own a business or worse, quit their job only to fail as a business owner.

Well, I’m glad to tell you that it is very possible to be employed and still run your business without either of them suffering. A few people have discovered the formula to achieve this and have been quite successful. The secret is simple, be very intentional. Here are the 3 major things you must do.

Schedule your life away: Seeing that you have a limited amount of hours in a day, you need to maximize your time. Allocate time slots to your daily activities and ensure that you diligently adhere to them. This helps you deal with distractions and procrastination. You get to handle all the tasks from your paid employment and still have time to handle your business.

Use all the tools and automation that are available: Technology has made life so easy, it’s unbelievable sometimes. Tasks that would usually take hours to complete can be done in a few seconds due to technology. If you need to be more efficient, you need to find the relevant tools for your business and use them. For instance, as a business owner, you need to post regularly on social media, and you may not have the time. There are tools available that help you schedule your content and post automatically for an entire month.

Sacrifice your social life for the next 5 years: When you’re building a business while working a 9 to 5, every minute is precious to you. This automatically means that your evenings and weekends are the times you will have to work on your business. If you’re the social type, you’ll have to decline invitations to hang out or party with your friends and family. Don’t fret, it won’t be like that forever. After the first 5 years, your business will be running on autopilot and you can rekindle your social life.

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