Introducing HyperFund!

We are excited to announce that our newest product, HyperFund, is now live on our platform.šŸ„³šŸ„³

Hyperfund allows you to partake in our good-interest plans from different sectors including Telecommunications, Real Estate, Agriculture, Health, Transportation and many more at any time and earn up to 25% returns. It is always available on the platform, allowing you to grow your finances on a daily basis.

Cycle: 4 months – 12 months
Returns: Up to 25%
Starting From: N20,000

* Click HERE to download the Crowdyvest mobile app or update your existing app.
* Log in to your account on the mobile app or on
* Open HyperFund, input the amount and select the cycle duration you want
* Make payments via bank transfer or with funds from your wallet

To be a member and participate, simply create an account using the link below, accept the terms and conditions of our membership, fill in all the required details and you automatically become a member.

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