June 2020: Sponsors Update

June Sponsors Update, Crowdyvest

Hello Sponsors,

Thank you for joining us to build a company that contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

We have created a Table of Content that you can easily click on to jump straight to sponsorship updates you are most interested in for the month of June.

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Ginger Trading

Batch: 25 January 2020

Your Ginger rhizomes were sourced from a reputable farm in the Southern Kaduna axis of Kaduna State. The rhizomes were checked for impurities and sorted according to sizes and quality before they were repackaged and sold at the market.

Health benefits of ginger:

  1. Owing to its high nature in gingerol, it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidants 
  2. 1-1.5 grams of ginger can help prevent any type of nausea

See pictures below:

A Tale of Three Spices

Batch: 16 March 2020

The ginger and turmeric procured were cultivated through organic farming. Organic farming is a holistic production management system which promotes and enhances agro-ecosystem health, including biodiversity, biological cycles, and soil biological activity. The ginger rhizomes were checked for impurities and sorted according to sizes and quality before they were repackaged and sold at the local market.

Sourced Sun-Dried onions were cleaned to remove dirt and then fed into the milling machine to produce onion powder, which was packaged and sold at the local market.

Kindly see pictures below:

Beef Processing & Trading

Title: Processing of Trotters and Hide

Batch: 17 March 2020

One of the major by-products in beef processing is the offal which can be classified into two namely red offal and green offal. We have just concluded the processing of two popular products among the offal.

After slaughtering, the first step is a process known as skinning. This is the removal of the cowhide in order to facilitate evisceration. The handler, using a sharp knife, cut out the hide in a specific way such that beef is not attached to the hide. The removed cowhide was then conveyed to the Value Addition Departement for a thorough cleaning (removal of hair and washing), size reduction, and packaging.

There are numerous uses of cow skin, one of which is our popular pomo. Pomo contrary to many opinions has some nutritional properties. Cowhide is also used in the leather industry. The collagen used in making the casing for finger sausage is gotten from the protein found in cowhide

In addition, we also processed the cow trotters popularly known as bokoto. Bokoto, as we call it, is rich in protein like any other meat and is used in recipes to make delicacies.

Kindly see pictures below:

Beef Processing & Trading

Title:  Minced Beef and Sausage Production

Batch: 9th April

We just concluded the processing of beef into Minced beef and Sausage.

Minced Beef is finely chopped meat and Sausage is gotten from further processing of the minced beef.

The process starts with the introduction of beef through the feeder of the Mincer or a grinding machine. The Mincer or grinding machine has sharp knives that have been attached to the shaft and through a circular motion, the knives finely chop the beef to produce the minced beef which was packaged and stored in a cold room with a reading temperature of -10 degrees.

Sausages were produced by further processing of the beef, mixing with some ingredients then passed to another machine for stuffing and casing.

See the process flow for both processes below.

Fresh Produce Trading

Batch: 27 March 2020

We continued to use your sponsorship to procure food produce from farmers and local markets and make them readily available for convenient purchase and delivery via our Farmcrowdy Foods app. This, for us, goes a long way in reducing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic as it removes the need to physically go to open markets for our customers.

The fresh produce currently being sold on the Farmcrowdy Foods app includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Tomatoes
  • Pepper (Ata Rodo)
  • Bell pepper
  • Rice
  • Beans
  • Yam
  • Groundnut Oil and Palm Oil
  • Fruits
  • Meat, poultry, and seafood

After procurement, the processing team sorts according to customer specifications and then proceeds to package and seal the sorted items using food-grade packaging material for delivery. 

Farmcrowdy Foods

Batch: 27 May 2020

We are excited to have you, partner, with us during these trying times. 

Your sponsorship has created an avenue for us to be able to source fresh produce directly from farming clusters around the country. After sourcing, we sorted and packaged various fresh farm produce which includes but are not limited to Vegetables, Grains, Spices, and Tubers.

These products are placed on Farmcrowdy Foods, our one-stop digital marketplace that allows customers to conveniently purchase high-quality affordable fresh food from the comfort of their homes.

Orders from customers are received via the Farmcrowdy Foods mobile app backend or via Whatsapp or a phone hotline. Once orders are paid for, the order details are sent to our sorting facility where the relevant product inventory is sorted, bagged, and sent for delivery on the designated delivery days to the consumer’s doorstep.

We are happy to let you know that your sponsorship is helping to provide easy access to food products as well as serving a greater purpose of contributing to the effort to curb the COVID-19 pandemic, by reducing the need for users to go to a physical marketplace.

Kindly see pictures;


Project: Ajah- CMS, CMS- VI

Title: New Plentywaka Service Launched, New Routes, New App Features, and Increased Metrics

This update highlights the following;

  • Plentywaka Metrics/ Traction.
  • New Routes 
  • New Services Launched 
  • New App Features
  • Pictures showing the steps taken after Plentywaka resumed operations Covid19
  • Riders Feedback

Plentywaka Metrics/ Traction

Within 10 months of full operations, we have had a record of over 116,000+ ride bookings across 7 routes, 32,000+ people have used the service with 40,000+ downloads on the mobile app. 

See graphic representation below:

New Routes

We have recently launched more routes in Lagos, Nigeria. See the complete list of all routes we move at the moment;

  • Ikeja – Victoria Island
  • Iyana-Oworo – Lekki
  • Iyana – Oworo – Ajah
  • Ikeja – Yaba
  • Abraham Adesanya- CMS / TBS/ Eko Hotel
  • Abraham Adesanya – TBS
  • Abraham Adesanya – Eko Hotel
  • Awoyaya – Abraham Adesanya

We are also working on adding more routes within Lagos with plans of expanding to other states within Nigeria and beyond.

New Plentywaka Services Launched

  • Plentywaka Staff Bus Solutions

Due to the need and demand for a comfortable, convenient, and safer means of transportation especially in the face of Covid-19, for the staff of different organizations, we recently launched the Plentywaka Staff Bus Solutions.

This solution was developed for the sole purpose of helping organizations achieve employee satisfaction, safer commute to and from work, foster team bonding amongst staff, save the cost of managing an in-house fleet of transportation amongst others. Read more about this here.

  • Logistics By Plentywaka

In light of the lockdown which was enforced to control the spread of Covid-19, we found the need to move essential services and this gave birth to the new service; Logistics by Plentywaka. This is to provide a safer and faster means for people to send out packages from one place to another through any of the available vehicles on the Plentywaka platform. This is starting first in Lagos.

New App Features

The Plentywaka App is wearing a new look with added features such as;

Plentywaka App V2.0.23

  • Discount for VIP Riders
  • Terms and Conditions Pop up
  • Change Current Location 

Read about these features here.

Plentywaka App V2.0.23

  • Logistics By Plentywaka
  • Refined Home Page
  • New Bus Service Flow & Look
  • Recent Waka
  • New Ride Details & Ticket Display

Read about these features here.

Pictures showing the steps taken after Plentywaka resumed operations Covid19

Riders Feedback

You can watch testimonial videos on Plentywaka’s website and a well-detailed article on What Riders are Saying About Plentywaka on the Plentywaka blog.


Smart Disinfection Gate

The Smart Disinfection Gate has been installed at the Nigerian Consulate in Dubai. The installation ceremony was also attended by the Consul General himself.

Also, a major order has been finalized with one of the banks in Nigeria.

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