Migrating from Farmcrowdy to Crowdyvest: All You Need to Know.

After months of hardwork and planning, Crowdyvest is finally here and we couldn’t be happier to embark on this journey with you. We have received some feedback since launch and this post will address your questions regarding the platform, account migration, sponsorship, and more.

What is Crowdyvest?

Crowdyvest is a platform which connects you to different sponsorship opportunities (Farmcrowdy being one of them). It is an impact-driven platform focused on connecting its members to multiple sponsorship opportunities that are safesecure and trusted. It is an exclusive style platform that has been established to promote the achievement of the (17) United Nations sustainable development goals including Agriculture and other impact-driven sectors.

We have successfully used our business model to establish Farmcrowdy and we are confident that we can apply the same to other sectors to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Development Goals (SDGs).

Why You Should Migrate To Crowdyvest

  • All Sponsorships Will Be On Crowdyvest

Farm sponsorships will no longer be made on Farmcrowdy. However, you will still be granted access to Farmcrowdy.com where you can watch sponsor/farmer testimonials, read our very informative blog, and even view farm shops. You will however, not be able to sponsor via that platform. All sponsorship opportunities will now be available via our platform. If you’re a new sponsor, all you have to do is:

  1. Signup: We provide a secure site where you can sign up using your Facebook, LinkedIn or Google accounts. Click here to signup.
  2. Sponsor: After signing up, please select a project(s) that is available on the Sponsor shop
  3. Earn returns: After a sponsorship cycle, you will receive your initial sponsorship + Returns after Sponsorship.

In a bid to diversify your sponsorship portfolio, Crowdyvest will offer sponsorship opportunities in other sectors as well.

If you’ve previously sponsored on Farmcrowdy and would like to sponsor in any of the portfolio companies, you need to be successfully migrated from Farmcrowdy to Crowdyvest.

The Migration Process

This is a seamless process which involves transferring your sponsorship data from Farmcrowdy to Crowdyvest. If you log onto Farmcrowdy and try to sponsor a farm, a consent form will pop up.

After accepting the terms of use, you will be redirected to our platform where you don’t need to sign up or log in anymore. You will be taken directly to your new dashboard on Crowdyvest which will have all your previous sponsorship history.

If you’re a previous sponsor and you log in directly to Crowdyvest, you will also be redirected to the terms of use page, before you can sign in to the dashboard. If you already have an account with Farmcrowdy, you can log in with the same details.

Why Your Consent is Needed for Migration

Your consent is required before your data can be moved. By law, we are obliged to protect your data. When you signed up on Farmcrowdy, you agreed to the terms and conditions of Farmcrowdy. Crowdyvest is a different platform therefore your consent is required to move your data to that platform. For more on the privacy policy of Crowdyvest, click here.

Rest assured that all your details and information are encrypted and secure, therefore, you do not have any reason to be worried. Your data will not be harmed or infiltrated during the migration process.

Farmcrowdy App is Now the Crowdyvest App

The Farmcrowdy App will no longer be used for sponsorship. To sponsor via the app, please update your current Farmcrowdy app. By doing so, your app will be updated to the Crowdyvest app. You can also get the app directly from Playstore (Android) or iOS store(Apple)

A new version of the Farmcrowdy app will be released soon. This means that we technically do not have a Farmcrowdy mobile app for now (as our previous apps have been updated to become the Crowdyvest app).

Crowdyvest opened its first sponsorshop (7000+ units of beef processing farm) and it was sold out in less than a week. Keep up with this innovative platform on social media so you’ll be the first to know when another sponsorship opportunity is open. Start sponsoring on Crowdyvest to impact farmers and beyond.

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