October 2020: Sponsors Update

Hello Sponsors,

The year is fast coming to an end, and we are grateful for how far we have come. Thank you for your continued support and sponsorships.

Please find below the table of contents so you can easily navigate to the sponsorship updates for the month of October that matters to you most

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Ginger Trading

Batch: 29th July


Ginger rhizomes were sourced from a reputable farm in the Southern Kaduna axis of Kaduna State. The rhizomes were checked for impurities and sorted according to sizes and quality before they were repackaged and sold at the market.

Health benefits of ginger are but not limited to:

  1. Owing to its high nature in gingerol, it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidants
  2. 1-1.5 grams of ginger can help prevent any type of nausea

Kindly see pictures:

Farmcrowdy Foods

Batch: May 27th


Your sponsorship was used to procure food produce from farmers and local markets and made readily available for convenient purchase and delivery via the Farmcrowdy Foods app.

A Tale of Three Spices

Batch: 16th March


The ginger and turmeric procured were cultivated through organic farming. The ginger rhizomes were checked for impurities and sorted according to sizes and quality before they were repackaged and sold at the local market.

Sourced Sun-Dried onions were cleaned to remove dirt and then fed into the milling machine to produce onion powder, which was packaged and sold at the local market.

Soybean Trading

Batch: 23rd September


Soybeans were collected from reputable farmers through the Farmcrowdy aggregation platform. The Soybeans were cleaned to remove debris and packaged for sales.

Kindly see pictures:


Ajah- CMS, CMS- VI

Batch: 09 February 2020

Hello PW Sponsor,

This update will highlight the following;

  • Plentywaka Metrics/ Traction.
  • Plans for Expansion
  • Upgraded App Features
  • Riders Feedback

Plentywaka Metrics/ Traction

Our metrics today read over 230,000+ completed ride bookings across 12 routes in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria. Over 49,000+ riders have used the Plentywaka service with 45,600+ downloads on the mobile app. 

See graphic representation below:

Plentywaka Plans For Expansion

In October, Plentywaka announced its biggest collaboration yet with Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM), Nigeria’s first indigenous automotive manufacturer to bolster Plentywaka’s fleet with a host of new vehicles as they make plans to expand to the South- Eastern Part of Nigeria in November. Read more here.

(From L-R), President and Co-Founder, Plentywaka, Johnny Ena, CEO and Founder of IVM, Dr. Innocent Chukwuma and CEO and Co-founder of Plentywaka, Onyeka Akumah.
A fleet of Cars at the Innoson HeadQuarters

Upgraded App Features

Major features of the Plentywaka App were upgraded for a better user experience and more bugs were fixed. To read more details of the Plentywaka App V2.0.23, Click here and here.

Riders Feedback

Our riders have been dishing out praises for our service and to mark our one year anniversary, we made their first free rides of that day free. Hear what they had to say.

Dear Sponsors,
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to revolutionalize the public transportation space in Nigeria by sponsoring our fleet of vehicles. We appreciate you!

Plentywaka, Move Better!


Remodeling For Affordable Housing

Batch: 09 June 2020

Location: Awudu Ekpekha Boulevard off Admiralty way Lekki Phase 1

Remodeling of apartment has been completed and now available for rent. 12 units left


Smart Disinfection Gate

Batch: May 27, 2020

Responses and inquiries about the new Disinfection Atomizer Machine has been positive. Sales to resume as soon as possible

The SDGs were installed at SIFAX-SACHO facility and The Post Square Tower in Lagos.

See videos below:

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