September 2020: Sponsors Update

Hello Sponsors,

We want to thank you for sponsoring with us. Your sponsorship is helping us build a company that contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Please find below the table of contents so you can easily navigate to the sponsorship updates for the month of September that matters to you most

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  1. Ginger Trading
  2. Farmcrowdy Foods
  3. A Tale of Three Spices
  4. Beef Processing


  1. Ajah -CMS, CMS- VI


  1. Smart Disinfection Gate


  1. Remodeling For Affordable Housing


Ginger Trading

Batch: July 29th

Your Ginger rhizomes were sourced from a reputable farm in the Southern Kaduna axis of Kaduna State. The rhizomes were checked for impurities and sorted according to sizes and quality before they were repackaged and sold at the local market.

Do you know that there are three steps to identify mature ginger rhizomes? First is the size of the rhizome, then the age of the leaves and the finally, the foliage senescence (the process of ageing in plants)

When Ginger is fresh, it has an impactful smell and a blazing flavour and is a typical fixture in provincial Asian cooking. Whenever dried and powdered, it can be added as a sweet zest to prepare desserts. This adaptable herb is additionally utilized as a part of beverages, plates of mixed greens and treats.

Farmcrowdy Foods

Batch: 19th May and 27th May


We continued to connect farmers with end users, using our platform, Farmcrowdy Foods to aggregate farm produce that are usually procured by consumers.

Kindly see picture:

A Tale of Three Spices

Batch: 9th March


Ginger and turmeric are from the Zingiberaceae family and are rhizomes. They are known as the dynamic pain fighting duo.

The ginger and turmeric procured were cultivated through organic farming. (Organic farming is a holistic production management system which promotes and enhances agro-ecosystem health, including biodiversity, biological cycles, and soil biological activity).

The rhizomes were checked for impurities and sorted according to sizes and quality before they were repackaged and sold at the local market.

After sourcing red onions from the farm, the onions were sundried for some days before they were transferred to the milling station. The dried onions were sorted and checked for impurities before being fed into the milling machine to produce Onion powder. The onion powder was then packaged into different product sizes.

Beef Processing

Batch: 9th April and 22nd May

Title: End of farm notification

We are delighted to notify you that your beef processing cycle has successfully come to an end. The beef was processed under Good Agricultural and Hygiene Practices (GAP & GHP) and all related operations were properly executed. Kindly update your information on your profile page to facilitate prompt remittance of your return


Ajah- CMS, CMS- VI

Batch: 09 February 2020

Topic:  Plentywaka In Abuja, Increased Metrics and Upgraded App Features

This update will highlight the following;

  • Plentywaka Metrics/ Traction.
  • Upgraded App Features
  • Pictures showing Plentywaka Activities
  • Riders Feedback

Plentywaka Metrics/ Traction

We recently hit the one-year mark on the 16th of September 2020 with a metric of over 200,000+ ride bookings across 12 routes in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria. Over 47,000+ riders have experienced the Plentywaka service with 45,600+ downloads on our mobile app. 

See graphic representation below:

In September, reports about Plentywaka was featured in some online and print publications with top features in How We Made It In Africa, CFA Media, Ventures Africa, Disrupt Africa, and a lot more.

Upgraded App Features

Major features of the Plentywaka App were upgraded for better user experience and the more bugs were fixed. To read more details of the Plentywaka App V2.0.23, Click here and here.

Pictures Of Plentywaka Activities: Year Anniversary Celebration

Riders Feedback

Our riders have been dishing out praises for our service and to mark our one year anniversary, we made their first free rides of that day free. Hear what they had to say.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to revolutionize the public transportation space in Nigeria by sponsoring our fleet of vehicles. We appreciate you!



First installation of the SDG has been completed at Keystone Bank.

An international shipping and transportation firm has also had its first SDG installed. Discussions are ongoing to confirm the number of required SDGs before productions begins.

Management of a major Nigerian airport have requested proposals to have the SDG installed. Conclusion of the deal is expected in October

A new “SDG For Rent” business model has been launched. Several event companies have showed interest in the rental option and modalities are currently being finalized, with installation slated for next week.


Remodeling for Affordable Housing

Location: Buena Vista

Batch: 09 June 2020

All units have been fully rented and occupied

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