Sponsor Beef Processing Farms via the Crowdyvest Platform

The audacious goal to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals across Africa has birthed an innovative solution; Crowdyvest.

Crowdyvest will feature portfolio companies across different sectors, starting with Farmcrowdy, our portfolio company in the Agriculture sector.

To start sponsoring different opportunities on our platform, please follow these steps:

  1. Signup: We provides a secure site where you can sign up using your Facebook, LinkedIn or Google accounts. Click here to signup. If you’re already a sponsor on Farmcrowdy or you are log in in from the Farmcrowdy site, you will be automatically redirected to Crowdyvest.
  2. Sponsor: After signing up, please select a project(s) that is available on the Sponsor shop
  3. Earn returns: After a sponsorship cycle, you will receive your initial sponsorship + Returns after Sponsorship.

1st Project is Live on Crowdyvest

Ready to sponsor?

Our first project, Beef Processing is live, which means you can be one of the first people to sponsor on Crowdyvest.

As of 2019, the estimated population of the country was over 200.96 million, ranking 7th in the world. Cattle is a multi-billion-dollar industry worldwide with the international beef trade for 2018 raking in $30 billion, representing only 23% of world beef production. Beef consumption is projected to grow to 1.3 million tons by 2050.

You can get your money working for you by signing up on Crowdyvest and sponsoring as many units of the beef processing farms as you want.

Here is why you should sponsor our beef processing farms on Crowdyvest:

  • It’s simple:

Using the Crowdyvest platform is as simple as ABC. Just sign up for a free account to get started.

  • It’s safe:

Your card details and data will never be stored, transferred or sold, so rest assured that your transactions are safe with us.

  • It’s secure:

Crowdyvest was built with top grade security features and our payment processor is PCIDSS compliant (the highest form of security required by CBN)

  • It’s insured:

Crowdyvest provides insurance to cover your initial sponsorship, so that in the event of unforeseen circumstances, the sponsor’s capital is safe. The insurance covers only the initial sponsorship capital, it does not cover the returns after sponsorship.

Sign up now and get your money working!

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