Crowdyvest Partners With Rent Small Small To Launch The Remodeling for Affordable Housing Opportunity

We believe that affordable housing has a profound impact on the lives of everyday Nigerians and can improve quality of life, better health, financial stability, and security. 

In line with SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and infrastructure and SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities goals, we have partnered with Rent Small Small to launch the Remodeling for Affordable Housing Opportunity. Rent Small Small is a Nigerian pro-tech platform that provides flexible rent payments for tenants and rent insurance for property owners.

This sponsorship opportunity will fund the remodeling of vacant properties to match the taste and budget of young Nigerians, providing them with quality and affordable housing. 

It sells for N20,000 per unit at 20% returns after 12 months. Only limited units are available. 

To sponsor this exciting opportunity, visit Crowdyvest to open a new account or log in to your existing account. Open Sponsorshop to sponsor as many units as you want.

You can also sponsor via the Crowdyvest app on Android or iOS

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